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  • Get lump sum of $100k.
  • Pay 25% of sale price + annual fee*.
  • Investors compete to require lowest fee

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Benefit to OwnerExuityEquity Loan
Owe less if home value dropsCheck IconCross Icon
No issue if you miss some or all paymentsCheck IconCross Icon
Qualify with or without good credit and incomeCheck IconCross Icon
Keep all gains if property appreciatesCross IconCheck Icon
Write off interest payments on taxesCross IconCheck Icon
Benefit to InvestorExuityRental Property
No such expenses: mortgage, maintenance, tax, insuranceCheck IconCross Icon
No hassle of having tenants; no loss of revenue during vacancyCheck IconCross Icon
Easily diversify accross many properties or regionsCheck IconCross Icon
Freedom to do whatever you want with propertyCross IconCheck Icon
Easy to get (risk-magnifying) leverage with mortgageCross IconCheck Icon



Have equity of 50% or more


Exuity is not for financing home purchases.

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Be accredited


Exuity can not be used for 1031 exchanges.

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The Gist

Exuity lets property owners sell a fraction of their properties’ value to passive investors who compete via auction to charge the lowest "yield" (defined below).

Change in Home Value

If property value is higher at time of sale or refinance, both parties' shares’ values go up.


Yield %

If investors require a lower Yield % upfront (see below), owner pays less annually.


What is Yield?

We define the “Yield %” as the % of investors’ shares' value the owner owes to investors annually with cash or equivalent-value additional shares. The Yield % is determined via an investor auction. The more appealing the property, the lower the Yield % goes. The Yield % has some similarities to an interest rate, cap rate, dividend yield or bond yield.

Home Value
Home Value
Annual Fee
Annual Fee
  • Home Value InvestorInvestor’s Share of Eventual Sale Price
  • Home Value Owner’sOwner’s Share of Eventual Sale Price
  • Annual FeeAnnual Fee Payable with Cash or Equity

What is Yield?

The “Yield %” is the percentage of investors’ equity stake that the owner owes to them annually with cash or additional equity. It is determined by auction such that the owner gets the lowest rate investors are willing to offer.

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