Gridley, CA

Gridley is a city in the state of california with a population of roughly 11,917. It is in Butte County, California the Chico, CA core-based statistical areas (CBSA), Its Zip codes include 95948 .

Gridley's Housing Market: Trends and Forecasts

Gridley is a small town located in Sacramento County, California. The population was 2,816 at the 2010 census. Gridley is known for its agricultural production and its location near the city of Sacramento. Gridley is also home to the historic Gridley Theater.

Gridley was founded in 1851 by James Sutter and John Marsh. The town was named after London's grid system, which was influential in early California land surveying. In 1852, Gridley had a post office and two stores. By 1860, there were 10 businesses in Gridley; however, the town's growth slowed after that due to competition from larger towns such as Sacramento and Stockton.

Gridley experienced a revival in the 1990s when it began to be recognized as a center for wine production. Today, Gridley is home to several wineries including Dry Creek Vineyards and Fess Parker Winery & Bistro. Additionally, there are several restaurants and businesses that cater to wine lovers such as Wine Country Expressions and The Cellar Door Restaurant & Wine Bar.

The economy of Gridley is based largely on agriculture; however, there has been some growth in other industries such as wine production and tourism related to wine tasting venues like Dry Creek Vineyards and Fess Parker Winery & Bistro .

In terms of housing prices, Gridley is generally affordable compared to other areas of Sacramento County . Median house prices range from $240,000 to $280,000 while median rent prices hover around $1,100 per month .

The community has seen an increase in population over the past few years due to an influx of young professionals who are attracted by the area's affordability , proximity to major cities like Sacramento ,and its abundance of wineries .

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