Marina, CA

Marina is a city in the state of california with a population of roughly 25,442. It is in Monterey County, California the Salinas, CA core-based statistical areas (CBSA), Its Zip codes include 93933 .

Marina's Home Price Trends

Real estate in Marina, CA is a hot commodity. With an average home price of $1.5 million, and a population of just over 30,000 people, there is plenty of demand for properties in this area. The city has been growing rapidly in recent years, with new businesses and homes popping up all around. This has led to an increase in the number of homebuyers and sellers looking to invest in Marina real estate.

Marina is located on the north end of San Francisco Bay, which makes it a prime location for waterfront property. Many homeowners enjoy living close to the water, as it provides a sense of peace and tranquility. The city also offers many amenities that make life enjoyable – from restaurants and shopping to beaches and parks.

There are many different types of real estate available in Marina – from single-family homes to condos and townhouses. Most properties are located within walking distance of local shops and restaurants, making it easy for buyers or renters to get around town. There is also ample parking available throughout the city, making it easy for residents to get around without having to worry about finding a spot nearby.

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