Pacific Grove, CA

Pacific Grove is a city in the state of california with a population of roughly 15,547. It is in Monterey County, California the Salinas, CA core-based statistical areas (CBSA), Its Zip codes include 93950 .

The Cost of Living in Pacific Grove, CA

Pacific Grove is a small town located in Monterey County, California. The population of Pacific Grove was 10,898 as of the 2010 census. Pacific Grove is known for its picturesque harbor and its many luxury homes. The town has a long history dating back to 1849 when it was founded by John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

The real estate market in Pacific Grove is very competitive with prices ranging from $1 million to over $10 million. There are a number of factors that contribute to the high demand for real estate in Pacific Grove including its close proximity to Monterey Bay and the larger cities of San Francisco and Santa Cruz. In addition, the town offers a variety of amenities including excellent schools, beautiful beaches, and plenty of shopping opportunities.

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