Cement City, MI

Cement City is a city in the state of michigan with a population of roughly 2,386. It is in Hillsdale County, Michigan the Hillsdale, MI core-based statistical areas (CBSA), Its Zip codes include 49233 .

Trends in Home Prices in Cement City, Michigan

Cement City is a small town located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The population is just over 1,000 people and the median household income is just over $50,000. Cement City was founded in 1892 and it became a city in 1927. The economy of Cement City is based largely on the production of cement and related products.

Real estate in Cement City is primarily composed of single-family homes and apartments. The average price for a single-family home in Cement City is just under $100,000 and the average price for an apartment is just under $60,000. There are also a few commercial properties available for sale in Cement City.

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