Marengo, Alabama

Marengo is a county in Alabama. Its population is roughly 18557. Its cities include Demopolis including Zip codes such as .

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Marengo is a city in Sumter County, Alabama, United States. The population was 2,135 at the 2010 census. It is the county seat of Sumter County. Marengo is part of the Tuscaloosa Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The city was named for Battle of Marengo, a victory of Napoleon over Austrian forces near the city of Milan on June 14, 1800.

Marengo Academy, one of the first schools in Sumter County, was founded in 1824. The first courthouse was built in 1832. Marengo became the county seat in 1833 and has remained so ever since. The city was incorporated in 1838.

The first mayor was James Dellet, who served from 1838 to 1840. He was also a member of the United States House of Representatives from Alabama from 1843 to 1844 and again from 1845 to 1850. He served as a judge on the Alabama Supreme Court from 1850 to 1862 and as Chief Justice from 1862 to 1865 during the American Civil War and Reconstruction Era.

Innovative real estate investing opportunities can be found all throughout Marengo thanks to its rich history dating back almost 200 years ago! One such opportunity lies with old abandoned properties that are still standing throughout downtown Marengo – many of which are available for purchase at relatively low prices due to their age and condition (which could be perfect for those looking for a fixer-upper project!). With some elbow grease and imagination, these properties could be transformed into beautiful homes or businesses that would help breathe new life into Marengo's historic downtown area!

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