Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA):

Dixon, IL

Dixon, IL is a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) comprising counties including .

The Dixon, IL Housing Market: Real Estate Trends to Watch

There is no doubt that the Dixon, IL metropolitan statistical area (MSA) has seen some real estate trends in the housing market over the past few years. Some of these trends have been good for buyers and sellers, while others have not been so favorable. However, one thing is certain – the real estate market in Dixon, IL is ever-changing and always interesting!

One trend that has been good for both buyers and sellers is the increasing number of homes being sold. In 2017, a total of 1,078 homes were sold in Dixon, IL – which was up from 992 homes in 2016. This trend shows no signs of slowing down either, as 2018 is on track to be another record year for home sales in Dixon.

Another trend that has been beneficial for those looking to buy a home in Dixon is the decrease in prices. The median home price in Dixon decreased from $129,900 in 2016 to $124,900 in 2017 – a drop of 3.8%. This trend is expected to continue into 2018 as well, making it a great time to buy a home in Dixon!

However, not all trends have been positive for those involved in the Dixon real estate market. One negative trend that has emerged recently is an increase in foreclosures. In 2017, there were 97 foreclosure filings – up from just 60 filings in 2016. This sharp increase has caused concern among many homeowners and potential buyers alike.

Despite some negative trends emerging recently, overall the real estate marketinDixon remains strong and healthy. With increasing home sales and decreasing prices, it continues to be a great time to buy or sell a homeinDixon!

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