Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA):

Jacksonville, TX

Jacksonville, TX is a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) comprising counties including .

Housing Market Trends in the Jacksonville, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area

There are many factors influencing real estate trends in the housing market, and the Jacksonville, TX metropolitan statistical area is no different. The following is a brief overview of some of the most important trends affecting the real estate market in Jacksonville:

1) The population of Jacksonville is growing rapidly, which is resulting in increased demand for housing. This population growth is being driven by a number of factors, including the relocation of military personnel to nearby Fort Hood, as well as retirees moving to Jacksonville for its low cost of living and proximity to major metropolitan areas.

2) The median home price in Jacksonville has been rising steadily in recent years, reaching $142,000 in 2017. This increase in prices is being driven by the combination of population growth and limited supply of available homes for sale.

3) The rental market in Jacksonville is also tight, with vacancy rates at just 3%. This low vacancy rate is driving up rents, which are currently averaging $950 per month.

4) The commercial real estate market in Jacksonville has been booming lately, thanks to the influx of new businesses moving into town. This has resulted in increased demand for office and retail space, driving up prices and rents for these types of properties.

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