Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA):

Sebring, FL

Sebring, FL is a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) comprising counties including Highlands County.

Housing Market Trends in the Sebring, FL Metropolitan Statistical Area

The Sebring, FL metropolitan statistical area (MSA) is located in the heart of Florida's housing market. The area is known for its affordable housing and its proximity to some of the state's major metropolitan areas. The MSA includes the cities of Sebring, Lakeland, and Winter Haven.

In recent years, the Sebring MSA has experienced a number of changes in its housing market. One of the most notable changes has been an increase in the number of foreclosures. In 2007, there were 1,872 foreclosure filings in the MSA. By 2012, that number had jumped to 4,676. While this increase has been a cause for concern for some residents, it has also created opportunities for buyers who are looking for a bargain on a home.

Another trend that has emerged in the Sebring MSA is an increase in rental properties. This is likely due to the large number of foreclosures as well as the fact that many people are now choosing to rent rather than buy a home. In 2007, there were 9% of households in the MSA that were rentals. By 2012, that number had increased to 15%.

Despite these trends, there are still many people who are interested in buying a home in the Sebring MSA. The area's affordable housing and close proximity to major metropolitan areas make it an attractive option for buyers who are looking for a place to call home.

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