Zip Code:

76039, Euless, TX

76039 is a Texas Zip code within the city of Euless and the county of Tarrant County. Its population is roughly 36,087.

The Real Estate Market in the 76039 Zip Code of Euless, TX

The 76039 zip code of Euless, TX has a median home value of $128,000 and a median home equity value of $101,000. The 76039 zip code is in the top 10% of all zip codes in the United States with respect to both median home values and median home equity values. This indicates that there are a high number of households in the 76039 zip code that are able to afford to purchase and maintain homes at prices that are above average for the United States as a whole.

There are several factors that may contribute to this high level of homeownership in the 76039 zip code. One reason may be that Euless is a relatively affluent area, and as such, there is likely more demand for homes than there is available supply. Additionally, many people who live in the 76039 zip code may be able to afford to buy homes outright or borrow against their homes equity using traditional methods such as mortgages or HELOCs (home equity lines of credit). These factors may help explain why homeownership rates in the 76039 zip code are so high compared to other areas of the United States.

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