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90303, Inglewood, CA

90303 is a California Zip code within the city of Inglewood and the county of Los Angeles County. Its population is roughly 24,374.

The Real Estate Market in the 90303 Zip Code of Inglewood, CA

The 90303 zip code of Inglewood, CA has a population of over 305,000 people and a median household income of over $60,000. The home equity and home prices in this zip code are both very high. In fact, the median home value in the 90303 zip code is $527,500 which is more than double the California statewide median home value of $236,500. Additionally, the 90303 zip code has a homeownership rate of almost 96% which is much higher than the statewide homeownership rate of just over 63%. This indicates that there are a lot of homes in this zip code that are owned by residents rather than being rented out.

One reason why the home equity and home prices in the 90303 zip code are so high is because there is a lot of demand for homes in this area. Inglewood is located in Los Angeles County which is one of the most populous counties in California and it has been growing rapidly for many years now. As a result, there are plenty of people looking to buy or rent homes in Inglewood and they are willing to pay high prices for them. Additionally, many people who live in Inglewood own their homes outright which also contributes to high home values and homeowner rates.

Price Index: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA (MSAD)

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