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90807, Long Beach, CA

90807 is a California Zip code within the city of Long Beach and the county of Los Angeles County. Its population is roughly 32,202.

The Real Estate Market in the 90807 Zip Code of Long Beach, CA

The 90807 zip code of Long Beach, CA has a median home value of $257,000. This is higher than the statewide median home value of $205,600 and the national median home value of $177,200. The high home values in this zip code are likely due to the large number of affluent residents in this area.

Home equity is an important part of many people's lives. It can provide a cushion against unexpected financial setbacks and can help people save for their future. Home equity also plays an important role in people's overall economic security. Home prices are one measure of how strong the housing market is in a given area. When there are more homes for sale than there are buyers, prices will go up until there is equilibrium between supply and demand.

In the 90807 zip code, there were 2,811 homes for sale as of March 2017. This was significantly lower than the 3,902 homes that were available at this time last year (March 2016). Over the past twelve months, sales have averaged 1,539 per month which indicates that buyers are still finding homes in this area that they want to purchase. This suggests that while prices may be increasing faster than average in some parts of Long Beach right now due to limited inventory availability, it is likely that equilibrium will be reached within the next few years and prices will stabilize or even decline slightly from their current levels

Price Index: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, CA (MSAD)

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