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91942, La Mesa, CA

91942 is a California Zip code within the city of La Mesa and the county of San Diego County. Its population is roughly 40,151.

The Real Estate Market in La Mesa, CA

The La Mesa zip code of 91942 has a population of around 97,000 people and an average home value of $269,000. The median home value in the La Mesa zip code is $259,000 which is lower than the California median home value of $478,500. The percentage of homes in the La Mesa zip code that are owner-occupied is around 63% while the percentage of homes that are rented is around 37%.

There has been a steady increase in home values over the past few years in the La Mesa zip code. In January 2016, there was a 1% increase in home values compared to January 2015. This trend continued throughout 2016 with an average annual increase of 2%. Home values have increased by an average of 3% each year since 2013. This indicates that there is strong demand for housing in the La Mesa zip code and that prices are likely to continue to rise over time.

One factor that may be contributing to this trend is the low rate of unemployment in La Mesa. The unemployment rate in La Mesa was 4.5% as of September 2017 which is lower than both California's unemployment rate (6%) and national unemployment rate (4%). This low unemployment rate may be attracting new residents and businesses to the area which could lead to increased demand for housing and higher home prices.

Another potential factor contributing to rising home prices in La Mesa is its proximity to major metropolitan areas such as San Diego and Los Angeles. Many people who live in La Mesa commute into one or more larger cities for work which could lead them to spend more money on housing costs while they are living away from their homes. Additionally, many people who live in La Mesa own their homes outright rather than renting which could also contribute to higher home values due to increased demand from investors/speculators rather than regular homeowners looking for long-term affordability."

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