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92128, San Diego, CA

92128 is a California Zip code within the city of San Diego and the county of San Diego County. Its population is roughly 51,357.

The Real Estate Market in the 92128 Zip Code of San Diego, CA

The 92128 zip code of San Diego, CA has a median home value of $242,000 and a median home equity value of $183,000. The 92128 zip code is one of the most expensive zip codes in the San Diego area. The average home price in the 92128 zip code has increased by over 20% since 2007.

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the increase in home prices in the 92128 zip code. One reason is that there is a high demand for housing in the San Diego area. Another reason is that there has been an increase in investment opportunities in the area. In addition, there has been an increase in home equity values due to low interest rates and rising stock prices.

Despite these positive trends, there are some risks associated with buying or owning a home in the 92128 zip code. One risk is that interest rates could rise and make it more difficult for people to afford their homes. Another risk is that prices could decrease, causing people who have invested money into their homes to lose money.

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