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93955, Seaside, CA

93955 is a California Zip code within the city of Seaside and the county of Monterey County. Its population is roughly 34,566.

The Real Estate Market in the 93955 Zip Code of Seaside, CA

The 93955 zip code of Seaside, CA has a median home value of $510,000. The home equity in this zip code is $236,000. This means that the majority of homeowners in this zip code have more than half a million dollars worth of equity in their homes. This is a high amount of equity for any given area, and it is likely due to the many wealthy residents who live in this area.

In addition to the high home equity levels, Seaside also has some of the highest home prices in the country. As of January 2019, the median home price in this zip code was $1,075,000. This makes Seaside one of the most expensive areas to live in California and one of the most expensive areas in America.

Despite these high prices, there are still many homeowners who can afford to buy or rent a house in this area. In fact, according to Zillow’s 2018 Home Value Index report (ZHVI), Seaside had one of the lowest vacancy rates (3%) among all U.S. ZIP codes with over 100 homes for sale as well as one of the lowest rental vacancy rates (4%). This indicates that there are plenty of people looking to buy or rent homes in this area and that competition for properties is relatively low compared to other areas throughout California and America.

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