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94572, Rodeo, CA

94572 is a California Zip code within the city of Rodeo and the county of Contra Costa County. Its population is roughly 10,384.

Real Estate in the 94572 Zip Code of Rodeo, CA

Home Equity and Home Prices in the 94572 Zip Code of Rodeo, CA

The home equity and home prices in the 94572 zip code of Rodeo, CA are very high. The median home value in this zip code is $1,836,000. This is a far cry from the median home value of $217,500 that is found nationwide. In fact, the median home value in the United States as a whole is only $181,200. This indicates that there are a great number of homes in this zip code that are worth more than $217,500.

One reason for this high home equity and home prices may be due to the fact that there are a great number of affluent residents living in this zip code. The percentage of households earning over $150,000 per year is very high here at 18%. This means that there is an abundance of wealthy individuals who can afford to buy expensive homes. Additionally, many people who live in this zip code also have access to excellent schools and plenty of job opportunities. Therefore, it seems likely that many people here have been able to build up significant equity in their homes over time.

Despite these factors contributing to the high home equity and home prices found here in Rodeo, CA it's important to keep things perspective when looking at these numbers alone. After all, not everyone who lives or owns a property within this zip code will be able to enjoy these elevated values for long-term reasons such as continued economic stability or rising interest rates. That being said it's still interesting data to consider when assessing where you might want to live or invest your money if you're interested in buying or selling a property sometime down the road

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