Zip Code:

95030, Los Gatos, CA

95030 is a California Zip code within the city of Los Gatos and the county of Santa Clara County. Its population is roughly 13,481.

The Real Estate Market in the 95030 Zip Code of Los Gatos, CA

Home Equity and Home Prices in the 95030 Zip Code of Los Gatos, CA

The 95030 zip code of Los Gatos, California has a median home value of $1,068,000 and a median home equity value of $415,000. These values are higher than the statewide median home value of $595,500 and the national median home equity value of $269,700. The 95030 zip code also has a higher than average percentage of homes with a mortgage at 84%. This is likely due to the high demand for housing in this area and the availability of mortgages that meet or exceed borrowers' credit scores.

There are many factors that contribute to home equity and home prices. Some factors that may influence these values include local market conditions (e.g., interest rates), local government regulations (e.g., zoning laws), household income levels, and property characteristics (e.g., size, location). While there is no one answer to whether or not one's house is worth more or less than another house in an area based on any one factor, it is important to consider all relevant factors when making an assessment about whether or not to buy or sell a house.

Price Index: San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA

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