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95361, Oakdale, CA

95361 is a California Zip code within the city of Oakdale and the county of Stanislaus County. Its population is roughly 35,308.

Oakdale, CA: A Community of Opportunity

The 95361 zip code of Oakdale, CA has a median home value of $248,000. This is significantly higher than the statewide median home value of $197,500. The 95361 zip code also has a significantly higher home equity percentage than the statewide average of 47%. This indicates that homeowners in this zip code are more likely to have a considerable amount of equity in their homes.

There are several factors that may contribute to the high home values and high home equity percentages in the 95361 zip code. One potential factor is the strong economy overall. Oakdale has seen strong job growth over the past few years, which may lead to increased demand for housing and increased prices. Additionally, Oakdale is located in one of California's most affluent counties, which may also contribute to high home values and high home equity percentages.

Despite these factors, there are still some homeowners in the 95361 zip code who may be struggling to afford their homes or who may be facing foreclosure proceedings. For those homeowners who are struggling financially, it may be important to consider seeking assistance from government programs or financial institutions that offer mortgage relief or foreclosure prevention services.

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