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95409, Santa Rosa, CA

95409 is a California Zip code within the city of Santa Rosa and the county of Sonoma County. Its population is roughly 27,186.

The Real Estate Market in the 95409 Zip Code of Santa Rosa, CA

The 95409 zip code of Santa Rosa, CA has a median home value of $527,000 and a median home equity value of $252,000. The 95409 zip code is located in Sonoma County and has a population of approximately 101,000.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the high home values in the 95409 zip code. One factor is the strong economy; Santa Rosa has been one of the fastest-growing cities in California for several years now. Additionally, there is a high demand for housing in Santa Rosa due to its proximity to major metropolitan areas (San Francisco and San Jose) as well as its many cultural attractions (the Sonoma Valley wine country). Finally, Santa Rosa's location within Sonoma County provides residents with access to many amenities and recreational opportunities (e.g., hiking trails, golf courses).

Despite these positive factors, there are some challenges facing homeowners in the 95409 zip code. One challenge is that interest rates have been relatively low for some time now; this has made it more difficult for people to borrow money to purchase homes. Another challenge is that the area has seen significant growth over the past few years; this means that there are currently more homes available than there are buyers willing to purchase them. As a result, house prices have been rising at a slower rate than they would if there were more available homes for sale and more buyers interested in purchasing them.

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