Moss Landing, CA

Moss Landing is a city in the state of california with a population of roughly 1,074. It is in Monterey County, California the Salinas, CA core-based statistical areas (CBSA), Its Zip codes include 95039 .

The Changing Face of Moss Landing: Home Prices and Trends

Moss Landing is a small town located in the Central Coast region of California. The town was founded in 1887 and has a population of just over 10,000 people. Moss Landing is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Real estate in Moss Landing is very popular due to its close proximity to major cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as its beautiful beaches and natural scenery. There are a number of different types of real estate available in Moss Landing, including single family homes, condos, apartments, and land.

The average price for a single family home in Moss Landing is around $600,000. Condos are also popular in Moss Landing, with prices starting at around $250,000. Apartment complexes are also common in Moss Landing, with prices starting at around $200 per square foot. Land can be purchased relatively cheaply in Moss Landing compared to other areas of California, making it an ideal place to invest in real estate.

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