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75077, Lewisville, TX

75077 is a Texas Zip code within the city of Lewisville and the county of Denton County. Its population is roughly 37,102.

The Real Estate Market in the 75077 Zip Code of Lewisville, TX

The 75077 zip code of Lewisville, TX has a median home value of $151,200 and a median home equity value of $122,000. The average home in the 75077 zip code was built in 1988 and is approximately 2,500 square feet. There are currently 101 homes for sale in the 75077 zip code and the average list price is $169,900. The average days on market for homes in the 75077 zip code is 97 days.

The Lewisville area has seen moderate growth over the past few years with an increase of about 5% in population from 2010 to 2015. This growth has been partially attributed to new development projects such as Legacy Village at Greenbriar which opened in late 2014 and offers luxury apartments as well as retail space. Additionally, several large corporations have established offices or facilities within the city limits including AT&T Corporation (formerly SBC Communications), Dell Inc., and Lockheed Martin Corporation. These companies have helped to stimulate job growth within Lewisville which has led to increased demand for housing stock.

Despite this recent growth, there are still areas within Lewisville that are struggling with poverty rates above 20%. This indicates that while there may be more people living within city limits now than five years ago, there is still work to be done to improve overall socioeconomic conditions for residents.

One factor that could help improve socioeconomic conditions for residents would be an increase in home equity values; however this appears not to be happening yet due to low levels of inventory within the market which has kept prices relatively stable over recent years despite modest inflation rates (1%). Low inventory levels may be due in part to stricter lending criteria implemented by banks following the 2008-2009 recession; however it could also reflect general trends towards suburbanization among younger generations who are less likely than older generations to purchase or invest in property located near downtown areas where amenities such as restaurants and nightlife are available.

While there may not currently be much upward pressure on home prices due to limited inventory availability or stricter lending criteria, it's important to keep in mind that these factors can change quickly depending on economic conditions so it's always best consult with a real estate agent if you're interested in purchasing or selling a property located within the 75077 zip code!

Price Index: Dallas-Plano-Irving, TX (MSAD)

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