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94040, Mountain View, CA

94040 is a California Zip code within the city of Mountain View and the county of Santa Clara County. Its population is roughly 36,526.

The Real Estate Market in the 94040 Zip Code of Mountain View, CA

The Mountain View zip code of 94040 has a median home value of $1,095,000 and a median home equity value of $814,000. These values are higher than the California statewide median home value of $717,500 and the national median home equity value of $217,200. The Mountain View zip code is also higher than the San Francisco Bay Area median home value of $1,041,500 and the national median home equity value of $217,200.

Mountain View's high home values may be due to its high-quality schools and excellent infrastructure. The city has been ranked as one of the most livable cities in America by Forbes magazine for six consecutive years. Additionally, Mountain View is known for its innovative companies such as Google and Apple Inc., which have contributed to its economy.

Despite these positive factors, there are some challenges facing homeowners in the Mountain View zip code. One issue is that there is a lack of available housing stock in the area. This has led to rising prices and limited options for buyers who want to purchase a house or invest in property. Additionally, many people who live in Mountain View commute into Silicon Valley or other major metropolitan areas for work; this can add strain to their finances if they are unable to find affordable housing near their jobs.

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