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95953, Live Oak, CA

95953 is a California Zip code within the city of Live Oak and the county of Sutter County. Its population is roughly 10,925.

The Real Estate Market in the 95953 Zip Code of Live Oak, CA

The Live Oak zip code 95953 has a population of around 14,000 people and is located in Contra Costa County. The median home value in the zip code is $412,000 which is significantly higher than the statewide median home value of $269,500. In addition, the percentage of homes that are owner-occupied in the zip code is significantly higher than the statewide percentage of owner-occupied homes at 66%. This indicates that there are a lot of households in this area that have significant equity in their homes.

One reason why home values are so high in this area is likely due to the strong economy that California has been experiencing over the past few years. Many people who live in Live Oak may have taken advantage of low interest rates and bought their homes several years ago when prices were relatively lower. Now that interest rates have increased and prices have continued to rise, many homeowners may be able to sell their homes for a substantial gain.

Another factor that could be contributing to high home values in this area is the fact that there are relatively few houses for sale compared to other areas of Contra Costa County. This means that if you want to buy a house in this area, you will likely need to compete with other buyers who are also interested in purchasing a property here.

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